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I’m ignoring you.
Oh, shit, I hate ignoring you.
It’s hard. (Please say hi.)

I prayed all the way up that hill yesterday, " he said softly.
“I said ‘Lord, if I’ve never had courage in my life before, let me have it now. Let me be brave enough not to fall on my knees and beg her to stay. ’

—Outlander- Diana Gabaldon (via aheavenlydesire)

(via an-outlander-and-an-exile)


Drinking wine, staring
At my phone. The question now:
To text or not to text?

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.

Samuel Smiles


When Sam Heughan favorites two of your tweets in the space of about 15 minutes.

(Photo by the Lady at the Starting Line)


(Photo by the Lady at the Starting Line)

"Rocket" by Tori Kelly. Kinda digging this one lately. It’s cute.