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Attention, Please

Every so often I’ll be leaving the gym as Mike is arriving (or vice versa, or both of us arriving at the same time) and we’ll chat in the parking lot. We know each others’ cars.

Today, as I left the gym feeling a little sad that I hadn’t seen him at all, I saw a familiar car driving down the row where I had parked. I figured it was him, but I pretended to not notice, and casually opened the back door of my car to put my gym bag on the seat. As I opened the driver’s door, he drove by, and it took all I had in me to pretend I wasn’t paying attention.

Then…*honk!* Just a quick little tap of his horn. I looked up to see him waving at me, and smiling.

Don’t even try telling me that wasn’t a little call of “notice me!!” I won’t believe you.


There’s me, pretending
I don’t notice your approach
So you honk at me

Dear Mike…

Dear Mike…


I just deleted my OkCupid account. Not disabled, to return later. Deleted. 

I’ve had a weird, weird guy sending messages that are borderline harrassing (report/block, there he is again. Report/block). I looked at my message inbox and realized I haven’t responded to any of the last dozen messages I’ve received, because, “meh.”

I did recently meet a very nice guy, but…sometimes you’re just not into someone. I feel a bit like a jerk for it, but what are you going to do? 

So…break time. A new school year starts soon and I was going to take a break anyway. I’m starting some new activities in my spare time, and running a lot. Still doing my best to flirt with Mike, but I’ve barely seen him in the last few weeks because of my summer job.

I feel so liberated. No more obsessively checking to see if anyone wants to talk to me—I’m just going to live my life.


It’s been two long weeks
Too long. Weeks. Since we’ve talked, and
I’m going crazy

(I hate going to the gym when Mike isn’t there. Boo.)


Happiness is an
Impromptu lunchtime chat with
That Boy…just for fun


I met a perfectly nice guy on OkCupid. Couple of dates. He’s really nice…and I’m really just not into him.

It didn’t help when he made a big deal about some vendor at a farmer’s market trying to (supposedly) come on to me. Jealousy? Pride that he was with the woman who gets attention? Either way, it was only our 2nd date and it didn’t sit well with me. Leave the comments for later, when you actually have some sort of claim…ugh. “Claim.” 

Yesterday, he texted me, saying, “I know you’re all Beyonce Independent Woman…” before saying he’d like to see me regardless. 

So yeah. Maybe not perfectly nice? Nice, certainly not a total creep. Actually, a gentleman. A little too eager to show me his house on the second date. And I searched for a way to say no, thinking, “Oh, God. I hope he doesn’t try to kiss me…” 



How is it that I
Can forget you for a while
Then suddenly, BOOM.